about us
about us

Hi!  I'm Penny Lee

I'm thrilled you popped by today!

Some things you might want to know about me:

I had open heart surgery at 14 which started me on my path of gratitude.

Having started my working career as an Esthetician, going to retirement residences to serve senior clients, I realize seniors have an abundance of valuable knowledge and wisdom to share. Their desire for connection has made me realize bridging the gap between youth and seniors will ensure their wisdom is passed on for generations to come.

Relationship building has always been front and center in my life - helping people understand the importance of building great relationships - in is life and in business - and creating healthy, positive relationships is an important part of my coaching.

Stepping Stones For Success allows me to shine bright as a Relationship Coach. I invite you to give me a call, let's build a great relationship together!

(613) 296-4078

Hello! I'm Liz

I met Penny Lee in 2008 while members of the Vars and Area Women's Business Network. You could say it was divine timing when we met. At that point in my life I was a single mompreneur who had filed bankruptcy and feeling rather hopeless.  It was the evening in 2008 that I had a Vision Board workshop in my home, that Penny Lee persistently asked me to have. It was that evening that I saw possibilities my life could change, for the better!

My transformation began that evening - both personally and professionally.This journey has helped me realize I love to teach!! I always said I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. Working with single mompreneurs is my passion. Overall, I love to work with women ready to dive in and do the work to move themselves towards economic independence with business financial literacy, systems implementation and personal growth!

My gift of replacing overwhelm with calm in under 20 minutes, and translating accounting gobbledigook into simplified language anyone can understand, has allowed me to help women entrepreneurs stand tall in confidence with their business finances. This brings me much joy.I invite you to reach out and connect if you feel you are ready to "do the work" and move forward into your fullest potential.(613) 800-3730

supporting our community

having fun and making a difference

Penny Lee and Liz have a great passion for community = building them and supporting thrm.

Since the beginning thry have had their passions - Penny Lee in bridging the gap between youth and seniors - Liz in helping single mothers gain economic independence, opening doors of opportunity for themselves and their children.

Throughout their personal and entrepreneurial journeys they have always founds ways to pay-it-forward,

their way of showing gratitude for all that they receive and experience.

From clothing drives, to raising funds for granting children's wishes, to sharing acts of kindness. 

Being role models for the next generation, leading the way for others.