where women entrepreneurs in the early years of business come together to thrive and succeed

one step at a time

Our mission is to provide accessible  training/guidance 

to meet the needs of women entrepreneurs in the early years of business

We practice the 

4 Cs for success philosophy

What are the 4 Cs For Success?

Make a commitment to yourself, your idea & your continued growth.

This is the best Commitment to yourself is to realize your dream! 

What i s your idea? 

What do you think about? 

Do you think about what you are afraid of?

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Communicate your specific message clearly.

Your clear message must be sent to the correct audience for thoughts to come back with the results . 

Communicating involves three primary steps : 

Thought: 1st -- information exists in the mind of the sender 

Encoding : 2nd - a message is sent to a receiver in words or other symbols 

Decoding ; 3rd - the receiver translates the words or symbols into a concept or information that can understood

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Community can be 2 or more people = family to a large organization that you work with (your company) or a team sport, etc. 

Communities support and encourage each other in like-minded interests .

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It takes a community to raise a child – also an entrepreneur 

Allows you to do what you are real y good at and lets others do what they are really good at. 


Collaboration is working with others to do a task and achieve shared goals

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about us
Liz and Penny Lee
Hello Friends!

We are thrilled you got curious to check out Stepping Stones for Success and us -Liz M Raymond and Penny Lee Prevost!

We are on a mission to share the wealth of knowledge with entrepreneurs like yourself who are committed to reach their fullest potential - both in business and life (afterall they are tied together).

With 60 years of business experience combined, and a passion for positive transformation we are here to join you in your journey of entrepreneurship!

As businesses reach new levels, and the world continues to change, we are committed to collaborating with other entrepreneurs to ensure we all thrive and succeed - in life and business!


Liz M Raymond & Penny Lee Prevost

our programs and workshops

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Achieving business/life balance looks different to everyone. 

Our "Life Balance" workshop allows you to stop. think, and learn steps to create business/life balance your way!

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Our beliefs determine how we think, feel, do (or not do).

Our "Create Your Owner's Manual" program helps you to identify your current beliefs that are holding you back, unlearn old negative beliefs and create new beliefs (truths) that open the door to your limitless potential. 

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Belonging to a positive, supportive community is a must for personal and professional growth!

Our Stepping Stones For Success Community is the place to be for business growth.

Our Thriving Forward Through Change Community allows women to build positive, empowering relationship and learn "Next Steps" for personal growth while sharing stories.

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Money Matters! 

From our money beliefs to how we do money are what is looked at here. Understanding how they came about and the steps to change them is key to opening the door to financial abundance.

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Keeping It Simple Successfully!

Understanding, creating, optimizing and tracking what and how we do all that we do in business is key to our success.

It doesn't have to be hard - we will show you how. easy it really can be - in your words!

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You may not have the time to do everything you want to do, but you always have time to do what you need to do!

Shifting your beliefs about time and how to "do" your time is our focus in this "It's About Time" workshop.

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